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Team Charcuterie

Kate Hill, Dominique Chapolard, and Nathan Gilmour

Métier by The Charcuterie Project offers French butchery and charcuterie courses at a historic estate in Gascony.

The best way to learn French butchery, charcuterie, and foodways. 

Join our world renowned French butchery courses and hands-on charcuterie workshops, today. Chefs, amateurs, and operators from all over the world have passed through these doors to take the secrets of the French table and lifestyle back home with them. Come learn with us, today. 


Beyond the Kitchen

A truly unique learning opportunity

At The Charcuterie Project, we believe in providing a comprehensive learning experience that goes beyond the kitchen. Our workshops blend hands-on in-kitchen instruction with immersive visits to multiple markets and producers throughout Southwestern France.


Led by Nathan Gilmour and our team of experts, you'll have the opportunity to explore the vibrant markets of Agen and the quaint village of Nérac in Gascony, where you'll discover the finest local ingredients and gain insights into the region's culinary traditions.


These market visits add a unique and deep layer of instruction that is impossible to get anywhere else. From interacting with local producers to selecting the freshest ingredients, you'll learn how to source and appreciate the best that Southwestern France has to offer. As Mm. Kate Hill has always said, “Shopping is cooking!” 


By integrating these experiences into our workshops, we provide a holistic approach to learning that not only enhances your culinary skills but also deepens your understanding and appreciation of French gastronomy.

The best translation we have for the word métier into English is craft. That's exactly why we chose to call our charcuterie and butchery teaching arm by that name.

We endeavor to teach you our craft.


Learn from Experts at The Charcuterie Project

Join a curated group of amateurs, enthusiasts, and professionals at The Charcuterie Project, where unlocking the secrets of French charcuterie is just the beginning of your unforgettable journey, bringing the flavors of Gascony and France back to your own kitchen. Learn how to make charcuterie from some of the most knowledgeable professional minds in the industry - alongside with his masters Kate Hill and Dominique & Christiane Chapolard, Nathan Gilmour adds his experience cooking and butchering around the world. The Charcuterie Project’s goal is to distill nearly 100 years of shared experience and expertise and make it available to all those who want to learn traditional methods of butchery and charcuterie in France.  

Embark on an Unforgettable Journey


Join us for an unforgettable journey of discovery and skill-building. Reserve your spot today and elevate your culinary expertise in the idyllic surroundings of Southwestern France. Become part of a community passionate about preserving the art of French charcuterie for generations to come, and take home the knowledge and techniques to continue your culinary adventures in your own kitchen.

Unlock the Secrets of French Charcuterie


Under Nathan's guidance, delve into the exciting and storied world of French charcuterie and cookery, from the art of pork butchery to the delicate craft of sausage-making. Learn time-honored techniques passed down through generations and gain the confidence to create your own culinary masterpieces, bringing the essence of French cuisine to your own home or restaurant.


Expert Guidance from Nathan Colello Gilmour


As the lead instructor, Nathan brings a wealth of expertise and passion for charcuterie to every workshop. With a deep understanding of traditional French techniques and a commitment to preserving culinary heritage, in and out of the Teaching Kitchen, Nathan guides participants through hands-on experiences that inspire creativity and mastery, ensuring that you can replicate these techniques in your own kitchen. Workshops are geared towards all levels of learners, we welcome all those that are interested in the field.

Noix de Jambon

Immerse Yourself in French Culinary Tradition


Experience the essence of French culture and cuisine in every moment of your workshop at The Charcuterie Project. From the rustic charm of our surroundings to the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts, immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of Southwestern France. Engage all your senses as you learn, taste, and create alongside our expert instructors, forging unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

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